Hi! My name is

Amy Victoria.

I am a qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist BSc with the London College of Natural Medicine & 500 hr + YTT Yoga Teacher, specialising in Gut Health

I am trained to help you get to the root cause of your health problems & end suffering by supporting the bodies natural ability to heal.

Many people come to me tired and exhausted of things like IBS, migraines, skin problems, fatigue, inability to lose weight, low mood, depression.

Are you fed up with Doctors telling you there’s nothing wrong with you, countless clear blood tests but you know something isn’t right? It’s a gut feeling! Trust your gut!

Just like you for many years I had no idea of the POWER OF GUT HEALTH & the ability of food to HEAL OR HARM. Many of your symptoms are linked to poor gut health. Together we can restore your bodies function for optimal GLOWING GUT HEALTH, long term relief, a happy, healthy, vibrant you!

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