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Nutritionist Specialising in Gut Health

Led by Science. Powered by Nature

Let’s make science simple. Nutrition DIGESTED into BITE SIZE pieces 

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You will be surprised at just how many health problems start from the gut, but with the right nutrition & guidance these issues can all be overcome.

Understand how your body functions, why & what it needs so you can be empowered to take back control of your health, bite by bite!

When you Glow Up Your Gut you optimise OVERALL HEALTH & VITALITY

Empower yourself to HEAL through NURTURING & NOURISHING your GUT HEALTH.


  • I have a passion for nourishing bodies from the inside out, allow me to unravel the secrets of a healthy gut. When you work with me your gut health takes center stage to optimise your health & well being.
  • Having studied Nutrition for over 3 years at The London College of Naturopathic Medicine & drawing from my personal journey to recovery, I’ve harnessed the transformative power of food .
  • Through my specialised Gut Glow Up education courses, group mentoring, yoga & exclusive one to one sessions, I am your guide to a happier, healthier you.

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